Ourivesaria Dólar started its activity based on a dream from two entrepreneurs which in 1967 believed they were able to create a statement in the jewelry and luxury watch segment. Synonym of both exquisiteness and liability, Ourivesaria Dólar distinguishes itself by the quality of the service offered linked to the availability of unique articles. This institution also offers to their clients, the validated opinion of a official expert in order to concede a highly professional and competent service, fulfilling every single need client’s might have.

In our company, we don’t see clients only as consumers, we estimate them and see them as part of a small unique group of luxury product lovers, specially in the watch segment. This group of excellence allowed us to build a strong institution with high brand reputation, which is now recognized all over the world due to our constant presence in international fairs where we work to take our brand and also Portugal, into another level.